What people are saying about Teresa

When you walk into the studio you are immediately struck with a profound feeling of peace and calm, but also exhilaration and energy.  A kind of feeling that you equate with the feeling you get when you remember all the good things in your life.  You are immediately at peace and feel the presence of others even though you are alone with Teresa.

I was raised in a family with traditional views and as such always believed in the life after we shed our bodies and go to the other side.  However, one of the most heartbreaking parts of the death of a loved one is they are no longer there to talk with.  At this point most of my family have already passed and I always wondered if they were ok.  In particular my parents.    Dad was gone 25 years when Mom died and I hoped they were together.  Sure, I have been lucky enough to have dreams, smell things that made me think of them but was never sure...and sometimes you just want to talk to them.

Teresa and I met while she had on her Air Force uniform and I didn’t know about her gift for some time.  The first time she red my cards I was astounded at the things she told me....things that I never spoke about to anyone, let alone a co worker.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago.  Our session was amazing and many family members made their presence known by sending messages about things only I would recognize.  It was a powerful healing experience and I know for certain my parents and their families are together and providing insight and emotional healing to me and my family through Teresa.  She brought messages from them that made me know there are there for me always.  Now that I am more mindful of signs and subtle messages, I am often amused at some of the small ways my family makes themselves known.  For this I have Teresa to thank.  She has taught me to “trust my gut feelings“ and ask for help and if I am aware, I will get it.

Yes, I believe in the almighty God, but I also believe He sends us help in a variety of ways if we accept what is sent to us.  Thank you Teresa for helping me have peace and healing through your gifts.

--Ali C.

Meeting Teresa was an incredible and life-altering/perspective-changing experience. It was just one afternoon but it has remained in the forefront of my thoughts and present with me every day since.  Teresa is an amazingly inspirational guide, teacher, person, ...being. ‘Fortunate’ or ‘Lucky’ does not even begin to describe how meeting her has impacted me.  -Suz

"Before going to Teresa, I had been curious about reiki but had never tried it. Teresa gently explained what to expect before the treatment and answered all of my questions. What I experienced was beyond my expectations. Both my body and soul felt lighter and free. Physically, I felt energized, and my most vexing Lyme symptoms – joint pain, headache, and fatigue -- were diminished. Spiritually I felt a sense of gratitude, contentment, and peace. I have continued to see Teresa with awe-inspiring results every time. I believe Teresa is truly an angel here on earth."  --Mollie